Integration Eye

System and API monitoring, statistics, analysis, alerts

Securing systems and APIs through authorization and authentication

Communication and SSL proxy for systems and APIs

Ability to combine and integrate product modules into existing architecture

Keycloak single sign-on

Option for 2-phase auth via sms, email or authenticator

Identity and social brokers

Integration with your existing solution

Opensource with enterprise support

Mule ESB

100% interconnection of existing systems

High availability


Enterprise support

Java development

Java outsourcing/outstaffing

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Big Data

Machine learning

Analysis and data collection

Hadoop ekosystem

Elasticsearch connection

System integration

We are changing the way systems interconnect

When everything is connected, anything is possible!

Anypoint Platform

Unified connectivity

Your solution for IoT

Enterprise support

We connect your systems

Our company provides best-in-class services in Java technologies and applications, system and user integration.

Our entire stack includes custom Java development (including sustaining & testing) – backend systems development, standalone applications, network applications for IoT and wearables, systems and services integration using Mule ESB™ and Java microservices, integration of users and roles by Keycloak SSO and also data collection, analysis and machine learning with Big Data. You can always start with any part, and expand your solution later with another one.

An integral part of our portfolio is Integration Eye® - a modular product, which streamline system integrations, infrastructure and business. Using it you can monitor your APIs and systems, create statistics on and analyze calls (logging with the ILM module) and be alerted to any problems, downtime or slow responses of specific APIs and systems. You can secure your APIs and systems using roles (authorization and authentication with the ISM module) based on Keycloak SSO we deliver or your existing Auth server. You can extend or proxy service calls (both internal and external) with mutual SSL, headers, etc. (proxy with IPM) you can also monitor and analyze these calls. The IPM module streamlines service and system calls in general (for example, you will know which services are being used, and won't need to maintain unused ones).

Our solution is always tailored and the result is always further expandable to bring you more benefits. Our business is based on the quality of our products, services provided and our skilled people. The results of our work are interconnected systems which communicate together quickly, reliably and bring you great business opportunities – completely automatically. You will no longer have several separate systems which don't communicate at all, or only manually, unreliably and very inefficiently. Add yourself among our satisfied clients, and find that:

„When everything is connected, anything is possible.“

Connect systems and services which were unable to communicate before. Move from an inefficient method of communication between applications and services to a modern, fast and reliable one (Mule ESB™). Get rid of clutter in your service and system infrastructure. Use the power of single sign-on (Keycloak SSO) for users of your entire infrastructure and the possibility of data analysis using Data Grids and Big Data.

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Our clients are from different countries and industries. Insurance, energy, banking, engineering, healthcare, automotive, public transport and transportation...
Keycloak SSO and Mule ESB™ are trusted by world market leaders. Join them now!

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