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What is API-led and Anypoint Platform

While connectivity demands have changed, the central tenets of SOA - the distillation of software into services that are well-defined, re-usable and discoverable - have not. To meet today’s needs we propose a new construct, API-led connectivity, that builds on the central tenets of SOA, yet re-imagines its implementation for today’s unique challenges.

Make API-led connectivity a reality with Anypoint™ Platform. Build new APIs, design new interfaces for existing APIs and more efficiently manage all your APIs using a single platform to rapidly expose enterprise data to mobile devices, web apps and connected things in a secure controlled way.

Key challenges

  • Be actual - companies must embrace digital transformation in order to stay relevant to their customers, else risk ceding market share to competitors who are able to adapt more quickly.
  • New relationships - at its core, digital transformation is driving companies to reframe their relationships with their customers, suppliers and employees through leveraging new technologies to engage in ways that were not possible before.
  • New technologies - these new technologies - SaaS, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) - demand a new level of connectivity that cannot be achieved with yesterday’s integration approaches.

Why use Anypoint Platform

  • Unified connectivity - don’t struggle to access the data you want to expose. Unlock it quickly and easily with built-in integration that offers secure and controlled API access with one-click policy application.
  • Lowest friction - The fastest way to build, compose and maintain APIs. Design new APIs in hours instead of days, assemble mashups in minutes, and make the changes you need to the back-end or front-end, with minimal impact to integrated systems and consumers.
  • Future-proof - breathe new life into existing APIs with management and engagement layers, and turn existing assets into modular building blocks that can be rapidly assembled into new capabilities for future innovation.
  • Make applications mobile - mobility is no longer a novel extra feature, it is firmly entrenched in our lives as a fundamental expectation. A business without a mobile footprint is at best severly handicapped in our connected culture and at worst completely lost in the shuffle. Every application that touches an employee, customer, partner or supplier needs to be available on a mobile device. Instead of redesigning applications from the ground up, the most agile companies are exposing them through APIs designed, tested and deployed using Anypoint Platform for APIs.
  • Grow sales with partners - when a business partner resells one of your products or services everybody wins. And APIs can make it much easier for a partner to successfully sign up a new customer or upsell an existing customer. By providing a complete set of tools for any company to create their own APIs, Anypoint Platform for APIs helps companies extend their reach and increase partner revenue.
  • Develop new business models - for years, companies have kept some of their most valuable assets locked up inside databases and applications. Now, they are discovering that sharing that data can generate new revenue streams. One of the easiest ways to do that is with Anypoint Platform for APIs, which not only eases API creation but also helps ensure new APIs are found and used.

Our recommendations

  • Adopt an API-led connectivity approach that packages underlying sconnectivity and orchestration services as easily discoverable and reusable building blocks, exposed by APIs.
  • Structure these building blocks across distinct systems, process and experience layers, to achieve both greater organizational agility and greater control.
  • Drive technology change holistically across people, processes and systems in an incremental fashion.

Do not forget to download API-led whitepaper and learn more about this new approach of thinking in IT!

In this whitepaper you will learn advantages of API-led connectivity, why existing connectivity approaches fail, what is the relationship between API-led connectivity and microservices, details about the "Three-layered" API-led connectivity architecture and you will see case studies of global pharmaceutical company and from banking sector.

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Our solution based on Mule ESB™ and Anypoint™ Platform is trusted by world market leaders. Join them now!

I would like to thank the company Integsoft for implementation of the whole project. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in application integration, Mule ESB, Java and their professional approach they managed to create an application which we are very satisfied with. We will certainly use the services of Integsoft on another project.

Michael Peterek
IT Architect, Axa CZ/SK

Mule ESB Enterprise represents the ideal combination of lightweight, standards-based, and robust technology with the enterprise-class stablility and support that we need to stay up and running 100% of the time.

Jason Whiting
Sr. IT Operations Manager, TiVo