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SuperZip is a file compression utility (Zip Utility). This program features top speed compression, drag and drop manipulation and a comment screen which allows you to more quickly review archived files.

  • Create Windows Program Groups & Icons Automatically.
  • Allows Zip files to span multiple disks.
  • Create, Delete, Move,Copy, Test, Fix, View Archive files.
  • SuperZip is 100% compatible with the latest ZIP file format - PKZip 2.04g.
  • Clear disk(s) before writing the Zip file.
  • Compress entire directories and their contents.
  • Compress only files newer than those already in the Zip file.
  • Have specified types of files directly copied into a Zip file without compression.
  • Delete files after adding them to the Zip file.
  • Encrypt files that are being added to a Zip file.
  • Get and set the comment for the entire Zip file.
  • Include complete pathnames for each file in a Zip file.
  • Fully supports Windows 95 and newer Long filenames.
  • Uncompress only files that are newer than the ones already existing on disk.
  • Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP.


Great program by the way;
really easy to use, &
intelligently written.  Much
better than WinZip or the
others off Stroud.  Good

John H.
SuperZip User

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Single User License - $24.00
Site License - $249.00

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