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We've all bought software that wasn't what we thought it would be after installing it.  Sure, it looked great in that glossy package with the fancy graphics.  Eliminate surprises...try it before you buy it!

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"I would just like to congratulate you on your excellent software in the SuperZip program. I downloaded it from
our local clubs BBS and I am getting a great deal of use out
of it. I think it is the best thing since sliced bread."
R. Packard

Great program by the way; really easy to use, &
intelligently written.  Much better than WinZip or the others
off Stroud.  Good work. John H.

I'd just like to say that SuperZip is an excellent program.
Why can't all computer programs be as user friendly for us
mere mortals? I'll certainly spread the news. F. Robinson.

"It's great." B. Seymour

"Your program is fantastic! It's better than WinZip and the program is very efficient and simple." Gabriel

"Superzip is an excellent program." Ryan

"Thank you for developing a user-friendly zip program. I
have only used the program for a day and I forwarded
your website to two friends." John

"SuperZip is very good. Thank you for your help and technology." A. Mónchez

"It's a dandy program. Great tutorials, easy to understand.
We appreciate your time and effort." J. Vorfeld

"I love your program." B. Israel

"A dynamite program" E. Barnard

"I have been using SuperZip for the past few months,
which I down loaded from your internet site. It is
wonderful software." Anil

"I absolutely love it keep up the good work." Miles

"I find it a very fine tool for controlling my zip files." C. Peterson

"SuperZIP is very good." DRM

An extremely well-designed product. R. Robertson.

We are a landscaping and maintenance
company using Bill Central to track and bill
for work performed for our client's homes and businesses. We'd like to say that we have
been very pleased with Bill Central and it
meets our needs beautifully. G. Ponziano

I just want to say that I find your product extremely useful for my business. Among
other services, I provide On-line literature
search services using dial-up to database
providers. It often happens that once on-line,
I will perform several searches for different
clients without logging off. This requires
precise logging of the time spent for each
individual client and your product is perfect
for my needs. Iuliana

It's been a pleasure dealing with your
business. Everything has gone smoothly,
from downloading the evaluation to placing
my order. Garry N.

Thanks so very much for your product. The
result of your efforts is that I am going to
actively promote your program to my clients
from now on. May the Gods smile upon you!
Bill P.

I just wanted to say thanks and to let you
know that you product is superior to the
others that I have been using. SMS

I like your program and its interface. Carl A.

Yesterday I downloaded your trial version
of Bill Central, and so far I love using it -
much simpler to understand than Timeslips.
Lynne V.

This program is great and the only organizer/notepad replacement that I have
ever been able to really use to get
organized and set reminders! Michael M.

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